Gloo's Fluid Dynamic and its amazing new Dynamic Tags for Elementor

What is Fluid Dynamic?

Fluid Dynamic's centerpiece are its new and custom dynamic tags. They differ from native dynamic tags in terms of uniqueness and output format choices: UL lists, OL lists, Array Length, Specific Array positions, in addition to the traditional delimiter-based output that Gloo previously offered.

Fluid Dynamic's many capabilities don't stop at Dynamic Tags, and they will allow for unparalleled levels of control. Choose what gets shown and where, dynamically generate HTML attributes. Extend your horizons with HTML and CSS by using the Composer Kit. You can use back-end repeaters in a way that has never been possible before with Elementor alone.

A deeper look at Gloo's Dynamic Tags.

From single tags to entire Kits dedicated to our favorite WordPress plugins and features, our Dynamic Tags fit all. They are a great way to output content in a more flexible and custom way.

Some of our favorite Dynamic Tags:

Google Spreadsheet Tag

Connect your Google sheets to any widget that has dynamic data options and start pulling information straight from them into anything with a dynamic data set. You may also choose the synching schedule for each spreadsheet you've linked to your WordPress site, or manually initiate data synchronization for each one.

Repeater Dynamic Tag

This tag will allow you toget a specific repeater value of an item while supporting ACF repeaters, JetEngine repeaters and Option Page's repeaters. The Repeater Dynamic Tag allows you to use "Follow Mode" to achieve a few new previously unthinkable feats.

ACF Relationship Tag

You can connect custom post types to user pages or category pages and you can also run relation between custom post types or even between a custom post type and itself. To improve the UX of your WordPress site while making it much more relevant to your users, you may run several relations and generate individual and customized user-selectable custom fields.

Not just Dynamic Tags.

Gloo's Fluid Dynamic also sports many features that are not strictly Dynamic Tags but will help you with dynamic data on your website, such as Dynamify Repeaters, When we first set out to develop Gloo we had one thing in mind. Repeater-driven widgets, once and for all. JetEngine will allow us to run listings using repeaters. But what about Slides? Accordions? Spoilers? Carousels? Icon Lists?

Dynamify will allow you to turn any Elementor Widget into a repeater-driven widget. It doesn't matter if it's an existing one or a custom one you made yourself – as long as it supports dynamic data, it can be used with repeaters.

You can check all these features out here and watch a video overview here

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